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Light Therapy

Light Spa | Alpha™ LED Oxy­Light Spa™ Capsule

101 OSTEOPATHIC CENTER offers a novelty in the world of wellness technologies – a Light Spa –  Alpha LED Oxy­Light Spa ™ individual capsule.

This therapy is rejuvenating and highly relaxing, helps relieve pain, detoxifies the body, relieves stress, eliminates cellulite, improves sleep quality, and reenergises the body. Inside the Light Spa chamber, 6 alternative healing therapies are combined:

  • Light Therapy (LED)
  • Oxygen Therapy/ Full Body Oxygenation
  • Vibrational/Massage Therapy
  • Thermal Dry Heat Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Colour Therapy

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a form of non­invasive, holistic energy, which stimulates structures in the skin at the cellular level. LED wavelengths have different properties, penetration depths and benefits. Research has proven that light therapy in our Light Spa can help your body heal itself by using these different wavelengths of light.

Physio-­Mechanical Therapy

Thermal (heat) energy increases and stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the skin for healthier tissue and new cell growth. Vibration energy relaxes muscles, reduces stress, stimulates circulation and relieves pain.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is the elixir of life! Oxygen replenishment is key to a young, fresh appearance. Rejuvenation, via increased oxygen levels, encourages healthy cell composition, mental alertness, increases physical stamina, and a boost to your immune system.


Pain Relief (Chronic or Acute)

Relieve, relax, and sooth an aching body with this unique program designed to give your muscles and body the tender loving care they need.

High Heat Detox

Stimulate circulation, enhance cellulite reduction and deeply detoxify in this high heat Light Spa program.

Relax / Stress Reduction

A heat cocoon is sure to alleviate the stresses of the day… you’ll emerge from this session rejuvenated and refreshed.

Weight Loss

Heat up with temperatures up to 170°F; this program is as stimulating as a jog on the beach and offers a radical high­heat detoxification, enhance cellulite reduction.

Sleep / Insomnia

Embraced by heat, Alpha LED’s gentle vibration and Blue Dream hues provide true relaxation, peace and health.


If a dreary day has you down, this program is for you! Energize and ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with the same full spectrum white light as the sun (Vitamin D)

Immune Boost

Promotes balance and equilibrium, strengthens the immune system.

Energy Boost

Elevates cellular activity; increase energy, circulation and alertness, rejuvenates, revitalizes.

Pre / ­Post Massage

Muscle relaxation


Quieting effect on overactive mental state

Skin Care / Rejuvenation

Rejuvenating your skin


  • Relax on a comfortable ergonomic Light Spa bed shaped and cushioned for relaxation.
  • Thermal Dry Heat is used giving an ‘even­flow’ dry heat exchange air shower.
  • Enjoy the full body heat system providing deep heat to the back.
  • Temperatures are adjustable and precise with ambient temperature control.
  • Provides near infrared light for thermal and circulatory benefits.
  • Breakthrough results are achieved with intense powerful and safe Colored LED light energy with wavelengths that can exceed 660nm that are safely infused into your body creating the desired response
  • Vibration Massage is customizable for deep relaxation of back and neck muscles inside the Light Spa capsule.
  • Aromatherapy System provides further holistic or sensual complements to any treatment session.
  • Germicidal lamps ensure cleanliness.
  • Cool Air face fan helps cool the head and face for extended body sessions.
  • 99{c7f6b36a16466eb13b4f5c7e59122346a25466828cc29c9d51ed9940ac31fe67} Pure Oxygen (FDA approved) is circulated via a medical grade oxygen generator system for circulation inside the Light Spa chamber for whole body and/or the face treatments.
  • This Pure Oxygen increases the benefits by 50{c7f6b36a16466eb13b4f5c7e59122346a25466828cc29c9d51ed9940ac31fe67}-­200{c7f6b36a16466eb13b4f5c7e59122346a25466828cc29c9d51ed9940ac31fe67} via the various combinations in wellness treatments.
  • Oxygen is the key to rejuvenation and encouraging healthy cell composition, mental alertness, increasing physical stamina, boosting your immune system and bringing long term the health benefits you desire.
Light Therapy | 101 Osteopathic Centre | GTA Healer
Light Therapy | 101 Osteopathic Centre | GTA Healer

The Alpha™ OXY LED Light Capsule is medical quality equipment FDA approved for your utmost safety and comfort incorporating highly advanced healing NASA Science Technology.

Note: Alpha™ Oxygen Light Therapy is highly recommended as an additional wellness therapy to Osteopathic Treatment, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy or other body treatments and services and will deepen the level of your healing service.



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