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GTA’s Favourite Holistic Alternative Healthcare Clinic

Offering Osteopathic Care, Acupuncture (TCM, Si Yuan Method and Auriculotherapy), Reiki, Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy (BioFlex), Shock Wave Therapy, Kinesio Taping (Sports Taping), Oxygen Therapy.

Our Osteopathic center revolves around a holistic approach to patient care; our team of passionate practitioners contribute to the common goal of a patient’s optimal health. Our center primary purpose is to focus on the health and well-being of each patient. The network of collaborating professional holistic practitioners consists of Osteopath, Acupuncturists, Laser Therapist, Registered Massage Therapists

We help to keep you healthy, flexible, balanced and energetic, even in times of inactivity, stress or injury.

If you are searching for an Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist on the TORONTO AND GTA, all our holistic practitioners are registered and highly skilled in their fields. We offer expertise and experience in a wide range of problems such as neck and back pain, or chronic hip and knee pain. We also offer cranial osteopathy to help babies with colic and reflux, and to help to address headaches, insomnia and jaw pain in adults.

We are also renowned for acupuncture, which has been shown to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, relax muscles and reduce swelling. This helps the body to heal quickly and gets you back to normal life ASAP. Our experienced acupuncturists care for patients with fatigue, anxiety, indigestion, insomnia and a whole range of other issues, and they are also particularly known for their skills in women’s health.

Finally if you are seeking remedial massage, pregnancy massage, or relaxing massage to soothe tired muscles, we can also offer you the best massage therapists in TORONTO and GTA. Pregnancy massage is particularly helpful for swollen feet, aching backs and assisting our skin and fascia to stretch and adapt as bellies swell, reducing the likelihood of stretch marks and discomfort as our precious bubs grow.

Our holistic center is a relaxing environment and we offer the convenience of online booking. So whether you need individual focus and care, or a team approach for your issue, we will guide you through the best way to achieve long term relief and a return to the vibrancy and wellness you remember from days past.

Give us a call today and we can advise you on how best we can help you, or simply go through to our online booking and book yourself an appointment with one of our team today.

101 Osteopathic Pain Management Clinic was founded by Stanislav Lishnevsky M.Sc., D.O.M.P, R.Ac a Manual Osteopath in 2015, following many years of working in the field of holistic rehabilitation. Stan’s vision was to create an approach to pain management therapy which integrates Manual Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Electrotherapy (IFC) into one hour-long treatment which effectively treats a wide range of medical conditions. For Stan, it wasn’t enough to just make people feel better. He wanted to address the underlying problems causing pain. It was with this idea in mind that Stan created his own method of holistic physical therapy. Stan has an understanding of structural problems that few others in the field of pain management and rehabilitation have. While being in the national Judo teams and learning Sport Medicine, decided to apply his sport knowledge to his true passion – to start studying how the structure of the human body works and eventually to understand the dysfunctions that cause pain, inflammation, and restricted range of motion. Stan took the first step towards making his vision a reality by studying in a Sport Institute. He completed a 3-year program at the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy followed by 3 years at Canadian College of Holistic Health. He also took many post-graduate courses including Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Upledger Institute) Florida and Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute) Scotland, Dr Richard Tan Acupuncture Balance Method in Chicago, that allowed him to expand his understanding of the systems involved in the formation of various dysfunctions. He has worked for over 14 years between holistic disciplines including Recreational Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and sports medicine – treating people from all walks of life: athletes, the elderly, pregnant and children. Over years of practice and diverse experiences Stanislav worked towards the goal of developing effective physical therapy of musculoskeletal dysfunctions by combining Manual Osteopathy, Acupuncture Massage Therapy, Electrotherapy, Shockwaves and Low-Intensity Laser Therapy (BioFlex Laser). Stanislav’s goal has led him to establish the holistic 101 Osteopathic Pain Management physical therapy clinic where he combined all of his experiences into an integrative therapy catered to each patient’s specific needs.

BioFlex Laser Therapy was the latest addition to the 101 Osteopathic Pain Management Clinic therapy program, helping to regenerate tissue at the cellular level and remove chronic inflammation that interferes with the healing process. Although Stanislav experience in Manual Osteopathy and Acupuncture therapy did well at addressing patients’ pain management needs, the BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) helps patients to recover much faster.

The approach used at 101 Osteopathic Pain Management clinic is unique in its effectiveness in rehabilitating the wide range of complex pathological conditions. The team of Manual Osteopath, Massage Therapist working at the clinic specializes in the treatment of disc herniations, arthritic conditions of the spine, knees, hips, and feet, and various types of sports injuries.

Osteopathic technique using including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques, Strain-Counterstrain Therapy, Joint Moblilization and Adjustments, Myofascial Release Therapy, Massage Therapy, Low Intensity Laser Therapy (Bioflex), Electrotherapy (IFC), Therapeutic Ultrasound, Shockwave.

Professional Associations / Memberships

Member of Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals ( OFOP )

Member of Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals ( OFOP )

College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario ( CTCMPAO )

Member of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario ( CTCMPAO )