Back Pain.

Problems During Pregnancy!

Back Pain

Osteopathic care support the women’s body in adjusting to the demands of a progressing pregnancy. Problems that may initially seem minor, especially those involving the back, may actually be the beginning of a lifetime of musculoskeletal difficulties.

Later in the life, childbearing women, without other clear traumatic or visceral causes of back pain, can often trace part of their own pain history to difficult labor and /or postpartum onset.

The physical forces that are transmitted through the uterosacral ligament during pregnancy alter sacral mechanics . The initial enlargement of uterus causes changes in proprioceptive balance to begin very early in pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses,the increasing pressure is mediated through the uterosacral ligaments and may contribute to back pain.

The balance between the origin and insertion points of this ligaments can be altered by adverse sacral or lumbar mechanics, which creates uneven tension from one side of the ligament complex to the other.

The pelvis can be a starting point in an assessment and treatment of obstetric back pain because of foundation upon which the entire spinal column is balanced.